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Threads network isn't fully operational in EU

Interest to Threads fade, it is at risk of becoming a flop

15.Jul.23 6:40 AM
By Abigail Richards
Photo Meta


Threads network isn't fully operational in EU
European users with an account on Twitter competitor Threads have been unable to post messages since Friday. The app is not officially available in the European Union, but many Europeans were still using the app through a workaround.

Threads was released a week ago by Instagram but has not yet been launched in most European countries. The company has taken measures to prevent people from the EU from accessing the app. This was confirmed by a spokesperson from Instagram's parent company, Meta.

Through a workaround, people from the EU were able to download Threads from sources like the US App Store and use the app fully.

However, now that Meta has tightened the reins, Europeans can no longer post messages, and the messages on their profiles are no longer visible.

Using a VPN doesn't always work either. However, the app is not completely unusable, as messages on the general timeline can still be viewed.

According to the spokesperson, Europe remains an important market for Meta. "We hope to make Threads available here in the future."

Strict regulations keep Threads out of the EU

In Europe, people have to wait longer for Instagram's Twitter competitor due to the Digital Markets Act.

This law imposes strict regulations on major tech companies. One of the rules is that tech companies cannot reuse user information in other apps without consent. The linking of an Instagram account with the Threads app violates this rule.

It is not known how many Europeans are already active on Threads, but it is well-known that the Instagram app quickly attracted users. Within a week, over 100 million accounts were created.

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