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Netherlands evaluate 'Chinese threat', suspect China wants to steal aerospace secrets fly high with a coffee shop smoke

21.Apr.23 12:30 PM
By Shawn Highstraw
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Netherlands evaluate 'Chinese threat', suspect China wants to steal aerospace secrets
According to the Dutch military intelligence service MIVD, China is seeking to acquire knowledge and goods from the Dutch aerospace sector. Last year, the service discovered and prevented several Chinese attempts to obtain (military) technology.

The Chinese are particularly interested in high-tech technology and the shipping industry. They are attempting to acquire military technology through cover companies, according to the service's annual report.

According to the MIVD, China is seeking technology to strengthen its military capacity in space. The country wants special quantum communication networks that are faster and more difficult to intercept. "That is a major military advantage," says MIVD director Jan Swillens.

According to the intelligence service, China is investing an extreme amount of money in high-tech technology. This includes (military applications of) artificial intelligence, quantum computers, and quantum sensors. These investments are "almost unmatched by the West," warns the service.

Earlier this week, the AIVD intelligence service reported that China is the greatest threat to economic security in the Netherlands. This led to a angry response. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the Netherlands to stop stirring up the so-called "Chinese threat."

Intelligence services have been warning of Chinese espionage for years. Our country is a popular target due to the many high-tech companies. For example, in February, chip machine maker ASML announced that a Chinese employee had stolen information from the company.

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