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Bill Nelson fears that China will claim the Moon
02.Jan.23 9:30 AM | 156

It's somewhat against the UN convention and NASA chief knows it

EU isn't happy with a free speech on Twitter
05.Dec.22 9:11 AM | 203

Thierry Breton insists, that the platform should 'continue to comply'

Qatar World Cup and the dangers of technology
21.Nov.22 7:11 AM | 232

Please be warned: Qatar monitors the fans and have some laws and rules uncommon for the visitors

Biden keeps grip on Senate, loses House of Representatives
14.Nov.22 8:44 AM | 371

Slim majority in Senate, it seems that it is all the victories for now

Steam gaming service breaks own record
24.Oct.22 12:05 PM | 192

More that 30 million people were playing online on Sunday

Meta banned Andrew Tate, a 'controversial influencer'
22.Aug.22 8:10 AM | 873

Facebook is known for the love to very specific 'freedom of speech'

US airports are at least year late for 5G
20.Jun.22 1:53 PM | 325

Technical difficulties and bureaucracy are preventing telecoms from entering the airports

Australian judge creates a dangerous precedent by taking side of politician
06.Jun.22 8:58 AM | 374

John Barilaro grabs AUD$715K for being 'traumatised' by Youtube

Totalitarian democracy: Twitter to decide what's right and wrong
25.Apr.22 6:41 AM | 353

Diversity is welcome until all the opinions are the same

Ted Cruz bought bitcoin at $37000 level
07.Feb.22 2:49 PM | 948

Cruz buys bitcoin as the state struggle to become leading crypto state

Elon Musk wanted to buy and drown a tracker bot
31.Jan.22 9:25 AM | 946

The parties haven't agreed on the price though

Two new probes will be launched to the moon by CNSA
29.Jan.22 12:53 PM | 305

Chang'e spacecrafts will explore lunar polar regions

A hunt for unique Soviet cars shows renewed interest to the era
25.Jan.22 2:09 PM | 518

There is more than the great four: Volga, Zhiguli, Gaz or Moskvich

Kenges Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova pay respect to the fallen officers, provide financial support to the families
25.Jan.22 10:58 AM | 8412

Saby charity foundation assist families of fallen servicemen

 What can be called a good online casino in 2022?
20.Jan.22 9:26 AM | 2967 tells how to choose an online casino

Record scam: 26.4 bitcoin from one investor by impersonating Michael Saylor
17.Jan.22 5:53 PM | 443

I'll double your money: this trick will never get old

Pandemic gadgets are on the weird side
06.Jan.22 12:19 PM | 239

It has LED and it has speakers!

A big year for Cardano: what expectations are met
26.Dec.21 9:22 AM | 283

Cardano (ADA) had a spectacular year and even brighter future

Young dombrists are invited by Kenges Rakishev and Aselle Tamagambetova
29.Nov.21 1:01 PM | 296

Saby charity opens "Dombra-Dastan" contest for young musicians

No (American) man on the moon until at 2025
10.Nov.21 4:55 PM | 290

The program expiriences motivational and technical troubles

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