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Intel bets on Admantine L4 cache in its new Meteor Lake arch

Intel patent shares details L4 cache potentially used in Meteor Lake

24.Apr.23 8:00 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo Intel


Intel bets on Admantine L4 cache in its new Meteor Lake arch

A patent from Intel shares details about the operation of Intel's L4 cache, Adamantine. Recently, a Linux patch suggested that Intel is going to use such cache in its upcoming Consumer Meteor Lake CPUs.

The patent states that Intel's "next-generation soc architecture" may have "large on-package caches," tech website VideoCardz was the first to note. These should serve as L4 cache. The cache is called 'Adamantine' or 'ADM' and, according to Intel, should 'enable new applications'.

For example, the access time to this L4 cache should be much shorter than the access time for dram. According to the patent, Adamantine can therefore be used, among other things, to improve communication between the cpu and security controller. Boot times should also be reduced by using L4 cache. Namely, the L4 cache would keep data when resetting the pc.

Reports have been circulating for some time that Intel is going to introduce L4 cache, specifically in its upcoming Meteor Lake processors. Earlier this month, mentions of it appeared in a Linux patch, Phoronix noted. The patch in question referred to 'ADM/L4' in Meteor Lake, but otherwise shared no details. ADM now appears to stand for Adamantine.

The newly noticed patent does not mention the term Meteor Lake concretely, but it does contain references to this cpu generation. Images from the patent show a cpu with two Redwood Cove cores and eight more efficient Crestwoord cores on one 'tile', the term Intel uses for chiplets. Specifically those cores are used in Meteor Lake. The diagram also shows a separate gpu tile with 64 execution units and a soc tile. It has long been known that Meteor Lake will receive a design with such tiles.

It is not yet known how much L4 cache Intel's upcoming processors will receive. This may vary by model. Leaker Moore's Law is Dead stated in a recent video that the company is currently doing internal tests with caches ranging from 128 to 512MB. In the long run, that could add up to more than a gigabyte. Moore's Law is Dead is more likely to share information about unreleased products, although its accuracy is variable.

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