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Google to audit and mark secure VPN's

VPN is supposed to make your connection more secure, but often they spy on users

05.Nov.23 6:35 PM
By Abigail Richards
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Google to audit and mark secure VPN's
Google has announced a new security initiative that aims to enhance the safety of VPN apps available on the Play Store. The tech giant will now affix a security label to independently verified VPN apps, signifying that these apps meet a specific security standard for mobile applications.

These labeled VPN apps have successfully passed scrutiny by the App Defense Alliance, a collaborative effort formed in 2019 between Google and various security companies. The primary mission of this alliance is to evaluate the security of Android applications, ensuring they meet the necessary security standards. This assessment is carried out using the Mobile App Security Assessment, a proprietary evaluation method developed by the App Defense Alliance.

While this security label is currently applied to VPN apps, Google has plans to extend it to other app categories in the future. The decision to prioritize VPN apps is grounded in the fact that they handle a substantial amount of sensitive data, making them a critical focus for Google's security efforts.

For users searching for a VPN app on the Google Play Store, the security label will provide an added layer of information and assurance. Google intends to display a prominent banner among the search results, clearly indicating the presence of the security label and offering additional information to help users make informed choices about the apps they download. This move is part of Google's broader commitment to enhancing app security and ensuring that users can trust the applications they install on their mobile devices.

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