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Google degrade: Pixel Watch is now charging longer

Excessive thermal output is the likely case to lower the charging speed

16.Oct.23 7:23 AM
By Abigail Richards
Photo Youtube


Google degrade: Pixel Watch is now charging longer
Google recently rolled out a firmware update for its first-generation Pixel Watch, introducing a noticeable change to the device's battery charging speed. Initially, the Pixel Watch could achieve a full charge in a swift 80 minutes. However, following the installation of this firmware update, the entire charging process now extends to 110 minutes, marking a significant increase in the charging time.

This alteration was confirmed by Google to the editors at 9to5Google, although the company has not provided a detailed explanation for this change. Speculation from 9to5Google suggests that Google's motivation behind this update may be to reduce the heat generated during the charging process, potentially enhancing the overall user experience.

The original Pixel Watch was first introduced by the tech giant in October of the previous year. It featured a 294mAh battery, boasting the capability to theoretically endure a full day of use on a single charge. The retail price for the first-generation Pixel Watch was set at $349, exclusive of any applicable taxes.

In more recent developments, Google unveiled the Pixel Watch 2 earlier this month. This new iteration comes equipped with an updated system-on-chip (SoC) and enhanced sensors. According to Google, the Pixel Watch 2's charging time has been optimized, allowing it to reach a full charge in just 75 minutes, which is notably faster than its predecessor. The Pixel Watch 2 is now available for purchase in Europe, priced at 399 euros, and it promises to deliver an upgraded and efficient smartwatch experience to its users.

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