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Elon Musk invents more opportunities for verified users

As well as new disadvantages for users without the blue mark

17.Apr.23 8:25 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
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Elon Musk invents more opportunities for verified users
Twitter owner Elon Musk wants as many Twitter users as possible to pay so that the company becomes less dependent on ad sales. Therefore, starting today, he limits the range of tweets from non-paying Twitterers. Also, all accounts with a verified profile will lose their free blue verification checkmark.

From now on, Twitterers have to buy the blue checkmark by taking out the Twitter Blue subscription. That subscription costs 8 euros per month if users take it out with Twitter itself.

Through the Apple App Store and Google Play store, the subscription costs 11 euros per month. That's because Twitter has to pay about a third of that amount to Apple and Google.

Businesses and government agencies can keep their verification check. For this they have to pay 1,000 dollars per month.

The five hundred largest advertisers and ten thousand brands with the most followers do not have to pay. That should prevent major advertisers and brands from leaving the social network.

Twitterers without a Blue subscription will see the reach of their tweets drop starting today. That's because Twitter only puts messages from paying users in the For You list of users. Users will still see messages from non-paying accounts in their For You list if they follow those accounts.

In addition, people with a Twitter Blue subscription have opportunities that non-paying users do not have. For example, they can edit their tweets up to thirty minutes after posting. They can also post longer messages with ten thousand characters. In addition, tweets from paying users appear in a higher place in conversations.

Furthermore, Twitter owner Elon Musk wants paying users to see fewer ads in the future. The company is also thinking about sharing ad revenue with 'fanatical' Twitter users.

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