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EC bureaucrats will have another job to do: to police Twitter

Elon Musk has left the 'self-censorship' agreement with European Union

29.May.23 7:54 AM
By Abigail Richards
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EC bureaucrats will have another job to do: to police Twitter

Twitter is no longer adhering to a voluntary European code of conduct for internet platforms. Euro commissioner Thierry Breton (Industry) reports on Twitter that Elon Musk's social medium has left the EU agreement.

Breton stressed in his message that Twitter will not escape certain obligations as a result, as fighting disinformation will become a legal obligation for internet platforms under the Digital Services Act (DSA) from 25 August.

"Our teams will be ready to enforce," the euro commissioner writes.

The DSA should better protect internet users from harmful content, advertising and privacy violations. The legislation makes it easier to tackle companies that let child pornography, inflammatory and hateful material or disinformation proliferate.

Supervision will become tighter and it will be harder to escape punishment. Social media and other internet platforms risk hefty fines if violated and may even eventually have to go dark.

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