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Traces of water found on Mars

At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

Blockchain business news

Europe allowed Activision deal, UK forbade and US is undecided
22.May.23 7:22 AM | 68

The deal is definitely going to monopolize the market, EC prefers to turn a blind eye

Twitter hires Linda Yaccarino
15.May.23 8:46 AM | 78

Elon Musk will retain positions of chairman and CTO

Nintendo wants to ban tools that captures Switch encrypted codes
08.May.23 6:44 AM | 110

Intercepted codes may allow users to get the source codes of games and apps

Intel bets on Admantine L4 cache in its new Meteor Lake arch
24.Apr.23 8:00 AM | 155

Intel patent shares details L4 cache potentially used in Meteor Lake

Elon Musk invents more opportunities for verified users
17.Apr.23 8:25 AM | 106

As well as new disadvantages for users without the blue mark

Tesla delivered another record number of 422,875 cars last quarter
03.Apr.23 8:18 AM | 228

The brand keeps showing strong strong performance

First Republic Bank exposed to additional risk
27.Mar.23 10:27 AM | 234

However bank run is unlikely, experts say

Some Exynos SoCs expose users to dangerous hack
20.Mar.23 7:47 AM | 224

Google, Samsung and Vivo smartphones are affected

Elon Musk wants Twitter to fire 10 percent personel more
27.Feb.23 9:08 AM | 227

After all most of them do nothing in a politically correct way

Call to ban Lethal autonomous weapon will go in vain
20.Feb.23 7:54 AM | 222

If AI will prove effective the ban will be a nonsense

ChatGPT is an AI capable to replace Google
24.Jan.23 7:51 AM | 270

And Google knows it

European court proclaimed yet another fundamental human right
16.Jan.23 9:04 AM | 403

You have the right to know who uses your personal data

LastPass hack was even bigger than initially thought
26.Dec.22 10:29 AM | 328

Service that offers to keep all eggs in one basket isn't exactly a wise idea

Sam Bankman-Fried has been arrested
13.Dec.22 11:32 AM | 332

FTX founder to be extradited for further investigation of fraud

Yandex wants to split business, keep Russian and worldwide operations separate
28.Nov.22 9:01 AM | 334

In an attempt to preserve the company's market positions in Russia and conquer some new territories Yandex is about to split

PocketOption Application is an easy and safe way to try active investment
24.Nov.22 6:44 AM | 343

PocketOption Application - your way to the investment world

Meta, Facebook to fire thousands, financial results are disappointing
07.Nov.22 7:56 AM | 302

Tech shares are deflating and the companies need to shrink to some realistic levels

Musk comes up with the new censorship idea
31.Oct.22 8:41 AM | 265

Total liberty was rather short-lived

Meta curbs optimism: target for monthly registration for VR is halved
17.Oct.22 8:29 AM | 561

Let's hope it will fail miserably

New sanctions against China are meant to delay the inevitable
10.Oct.22 4:37 PM | 299

China will conquer the microelectronics, volens/nolens

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