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Apple pauses Telegram update due to the moving emojis

The new Telegram feature annoyed Apple censorship

15.Aug.22 7:41 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo Telegram


Apple pauses Telegram update due to the moving emojis

Telegram has received an update, after founder Pavel Durov had previously complained that Apple was holding back the innovations. The update was only released after the chat service removed a feature around emojis.

Durov wrote last week that Apple had been holding back the latest update to Telegram for two weeks without a message. In the meantime, the update is here.

"After a lot of media attention, Apple has come back to us," Durov said on his Telegram channel. "They demanded that we flatten our update by removing the new Telemojis."

Telemoji are animated versions of the standard emojis found on Apple devices. The emojis do not stand still; the faces move on the chat service keyboard. "Telemojis would have added a whole new dimension to the static pictures. They would significantly enrich Apple's ecosystem," writes the founder of Telegram.

Apple did not respond to Durov's message. The company may not want developers to tweak their emoji designs just like that.

By the way, the emojis have been modified in a different way in the new update for Telegram. For example, paying members of the chat app can use more exclusive, moving emojis in conversations. Furthermore, stickers and GIFs are arranged in a different way and users can control who can send them video messages and voice recordings.

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