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Traces of water found on Mars

At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

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EC bureaucrats will have another job to do: to police Twitter
29.May.23 7:54 AM | 43

Elon Musk has left the 'self-censorship' agreement with European Union

Находка: самый южный, самый дальний Восток России
23.May.23 9:51 PM | 50

Почему город Находка должен стать отправной точкой вашего следующего путешествия?

Europe allowed Activision deal, UK forbade and US is undecided
22.May.23 7:22 AM | 80

The deal is definitely going to monopolize the market, EC prefers to turn a blind eye

Twitter hires Linda Yaccarino
15.May.23 8:46 AM | 93

Elon Musk will retain positions of chairman and CTO

Nintendo wants to ban tools that captures Switch encrypted codes
08.May.23 6:44 AM | 121

Intercepted codes may allow users to get the source codes of games and apps

Intel bets on Admantine L4 cache in its new Meteor Lake arch
24.Apr.23 8:00 AM | 171

Intel patent shares details L4 cache potentially used in Meteor Lake

Netherlands evaluate 'Chinese threat', suspect China wants to steal aerospace secrets
21.Apr.23 12:30 PM | 152 fly high with a coffee shop smoke

Elon Musk invents more opportunities for verified users
17.Apr.23 8:25 AM | 110

As well as new disadvantages for users without the blue mark

MSI has fallen victim to a ransomware attack
10.Apr.23 8:42 AM | 252

Download BIOS updates only when really needed until the situation resolves

Tesla delivered another record number of 422,875 cars last quarter
03.Apr.23 8:18 AM | 236

The brand keeps showing strong strong performance

First Republic Bank exposed to additional risk
27.Mar.23 10:27 AM | 239

However bank run is unlikely, experts say

Some Exynos SoCs expose users to dangerous hack
20.Mar.23 7:47 AM | 226

Google, Samsung and Vivo smartphones are affected

Curiosity rover transmitted rare Martian phenomenon photos
13.Mar.23 7:47 AM | 169

It's common on Earth though

Elon Musk wants Twitter to fire 10 percent personel more
27.Feb.23 9:08 AM | 230

After all most of them do nothing in a politically correct way

Call to ban Lethal autonomous weapon will go in vain
20.Feb.23 7:54 AM | 224

If AI will prove effective the ban will be a nonsense

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