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John McAfee death was a suicide, autopsy confifms

John McAfee's relatives will finally bury him now

The graph of the dynamics of the change in the rate of Ripple (XRP) to the US dollar (USD)

This page presents the Ripple (XRP) chart to the US dollar (USD)
Ripple (XPR), the crypto currency of the Ripple payment system, was developed by Ripple Labs.

This crypto currency was originally aimed at the banking sector. The creators of Ripple sought to create an alternative to paper money and therefore abandoned the cryptonymet's mining, and immediately launched 100 billion digital coins, each of which consists of many parts. These parts are called drops (Ripple).

When buying Ripple coins, their number is constantly decreasing and this leads to an increase in the cost of crypto currency. Ripple provides investors with ample opportunities, as this technology is actively implemented in the world banks.

The graph of the change in the Ripple rate to the dollar for today

Among investors are Ripple Bank Fidor and the corporation Google. In the stock market, the XRP USD currency pair is second only to bitcoin in terms of capitalization. However, this trend is also characterized by a tendency towards a rise in price. The rate of ripples to the dollar is constantly changing.

On this page you can see the rate of ripples to the dollar for today. The schedule is constantly updated and allows you to monitor changes in the course of real-time crypto currency. And that is why it is a necessary tool for investors and those who want to acquire this crypto currency.

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