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YouTubers try to be TikTokers

Shorter videos are a trend to hate or follow

The graph of the dynamics of the change in the rate of Ethereum (ETH) to the US dollar (USD)

Ethereum is the accounting unit used in the Ethereum network services. One unit of this crypto currency is called ether (ETH) and in the crypto-currency market it went far beyond the Ethereum network.

The Ethereum platform was originally developed for online services on the blockchain, and provides extensive investment opportunities through a system of smart contracts. Ethers can be purchased at crypto-exchange exchanges and exchange services.

The graph of the change in the rate of Ethereum against the dollar for today

The Ethereum Crypto currency is one of the three most popular digital coins, with a capitalization of $ 100 billion. The main feature of Ethereum crypto currency is that it can be used to register transactions with any assets, for example, with US dollars or exchange for shares of the stock market.

This can be done by knowing the current airspace quota to the US dollar, the schedule of which is set out below. The presented schedule of the airtime to the dollar will allow you to get acquainted with the current quotes and dynamics of ethereum eth in the market. The schedule of the etherium to the dollar shows the ratio of quotations of the currency pair ETH USD on the market. This information is a good tool for investors and buyers of Ethereum.

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