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Youtube users are force-fed with advertisement

Time to block the ads or by a chicken and pay for Premium subscription

19.Sep.22 11:38 AM
By Abigail Richards
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Youtube users are force-fed with advertisement

Several YouTube users report on forum Reddit that they have to watch ten ads before a video starts. It is not possible to skip the ads.

Not all YouTube users see more ads than before. It appears to be a test among a smaller group of YouTube users.

Google confirms that it is a "now ended experiment".

YouTube shows one or more ads for many videos before the video starts. It also happens that longer videos are interrupted by a commercial block. For most YouTube users, an ad unit consists of two or three ads.

Users usually cannot flush short ads. In many cases, they can click through after five seconds with longer ads.

YouTube users report on Reddit that they cannot flush the ad units with ten short ads. Before the video starts, they need to watch the entire advertising block.

It seems that YouTube wants to increase the incentive to start paying for a YouTube Premium or YouTube Premium Lite subscription. For users with a YouTube Premium subscription, the platform is ad-free. We recommend the use of some sort of advertisement blocker anyway.

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