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Van Gogh Alive exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Sensory4TM technology makes it possible for spectator to feel inside of the painting focusing his attention on unique style, senses and technique of the artist.

05.Oct.14 1:54 PM
By Alexey Kuritsyn


Van Gogh Alive exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
There was a big crowd in the 5th pavilion of Nizhny Novgorod Fair on the 2nd of October. Lots of cameras and flashlights followed by recorders and numerous journalists created the atmosphere of anticipation.  Van Gogh Alive multimedia exhibition has been introduced in Nizhny Novgorod. This exhibition has already been opened in Singapore, Istanbul, Budapest, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Eventually it has welcomed citizens of the capital of Volga region.

“Today we are going to enter the unique world of colors which were brought to us by Van Gogh. This exhibition is a perfect example how traditional art can be combined with new technologies forming an unforgettable scene. At the same time visitors will be able to understand the idea which was hidden by the Dutch artist in his every painting”, - said the Deputy Governor of Nizhny Novgorod region Dmitry Svatovsky.

Paintings of this unforgettable artist are truly alive thanks to Sensory4TM technology. You feel like you get inside of every Van Gogh masterpiece while looking at it. They are moving from side to side and up and down. They move and replace each other, they freeze for a moment letting us have glance and then continue their unique and accurate movement.

40 projectors with high resolution are used together with multi cartoon graphics offering the same painting of the artist in several variations and locations at the same time. In other words panoramic effect lets you get acquainted with every detail of Van Gogh works. You will like you are able to touch the world’s most famous sunflowers. The exhibition is followed with classical music background. The atmosphere is really great!

Be careful! Some paintings may become alive right under your fit!

The hall of exhibition is equipped with dark screens. You should pay attention to them as they will display the most famous and interesting quotations of Van Gogh taken from his letters to his brother Theo. You will find them rather wise. At the same time they help to have a clear understanding of reason why he wrote his paintings and what he was trying to say by means of his works.

For example, Dutch artist was sure that it is necessary to eat well, live in a good house, dance from time to time, smoke pipe and drink coffee in silence in case you want to work well.

Are you ready to change your life?

“Van Gogh career as artist was not very long. He painted for 10 years. However all stages of this period are very bright and exciting. We created several test slides in order to describe every period of his life in couple of sentences. This exhibition will let you feel the same as Van Gogh”, - says organizer of the project Oleg Marinin who is also a partner of iVision Company.

More than 500 paintings were presented during the exhibition. It will be opened up to 30th of October. Do not miss a chance to experience another vision of this art.

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