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UN decided to create biometric Schengen for Russians

Biometrics will need replacement every 5 years.

06.Oct.14 9:19 AM
By Abigail Richards


UN decided to create biometric Schengen for Russians
Possibility of biometric Schengen implementation by UN has been discussed for a long time. And now it the process is finally completed. Russians will have to obtained biometric visas.

The necessity of getting such visa will come into force starting from May 2015. In other words those who want to go to Europe in business or vacation will have to pass new procedure of getting visa. This will include providing biometric photo and fingerprints. Russian tourist operators are not happy with such idea. They are waiting for new rules with fear. At the same time they will have to get used to new standards and requirements as they are inevitable.

Euro Commissioner announced that all Russian citizens will be obliged by UN to get Schengen visa starting from April 2015. Such decision has been made on the 4th of October.  

UN has been planning to implement new procedure for a long time. However not all countries have necessary equipment in order to fit necessary standards. That is why some time is necessary before launching new procedure. As soon as everything is ready, all embassies will be obliged to follow new rules.

Representatives of UN Parliament pay attention to the fact that new rules and standards have nothing in common with sanctions against Russia. This measure has been planned for a long time already. Other countries will also be obliged to follow new rules established by UN.

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