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Traces of water found on Mars

At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

Two new probes will be launched to the moon by CNSA

Chang'e spacecrafts will explore lunar polar regions

29.Jan.22 12:53 PM
By Abigail Richards
Photo CNSA


Two new probes will be launched to the moon by CNSA
The Chinese space agency CNSA announced its plans for the next five years on Friday. It says it wants to send two more space probes to the Moon. When the new space probes are brought to the moon, the CNSA does not report.

The Chang'e 6 spacecraft, like its predecessor Chang'e 5, should collect rock samples on the moon. This is what the rover will do at the North and South poles of the moon. The Chang'e 7 will explore the landscape of the polar regions.

The CNSA also wants to continue developing the Chang'e 8. The task of this spacecraft is not yet known. The plans also state that China wants to see if it can send unmanned spacecraft to Jupiter within five years.

China wants to land people on the moon in the long run. Before the Asian country will do this, it will first want to do more research on the lunar landscape. Chang'e 5 made a landing on the moon in 2020 and took samples there. These moonstones were then brought to Earth for scientific research. It was the first time in forty years that this happened.

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