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TikTok will allow three-minute long videos

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02.Jul.21 2:02 PM
By Shawn Highstraw
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TikTok will allow three-minute long videos
The popular video service TikTok will allow videos that can last up to three minutes. Previously, the limit was one minute, but TikTok says he wants to give video makers more freedom to tell stories.

Extending the playing time should also reduce the number of videos that are divided into several pieces, writes TikTok on his website. "Although creators are creative with the limit, we often hear that they can use more time to explain cooking videos, make-up videos or make funny sketches."

The new feature will be rolled out to all TikTok users in the coming weeks. People who can use it will be notified in the app.

TikTok has been testing three-minute videos since december last year. Since then, they have only been useful to a limited number of people.

The video service does not make clear how extending the videos TikTok will change. TikTok may hope that people will use the app longer after opening it.

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