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There will be no 2nd and 3rd shifts in Russian schools

New school practice will allow cancelling them.

02.Sep.14 1:43 PM
By Abigail Richards


There will be no 2nd and 3rd shifts in Russian schools
Russian government is planning to increase the number of available places in schools and other education establishments by 2025. This is caused by demographical forecasts. According to the information which is available in the official website of the Ministry Cabinet 3.6 million additional places will be created.

Experts say that the number of students and pupils will increase by 3.6 million people by 2025. This statistics is based on demographical forecasts. That is why it is necessary to build additional schools and other educational establishments. Such resolution has been made by the President on the 27th of December 2013.

At the same time it should also be mentioned that special program has been already implemented over the last two years in Russia. The program is aimed on construction new kindergartens. More than 50 billion rubles are spent on it annually. The money is taken from the budget. Dmitry Medvedev paid attention to the fact that construction of new schools is vital at the moment.

The demand in new educational establishments increases not only in accordance with demographic rates. Government ordered all regional authorities to refuse from school practice with 2nd and 3rd shifts. Now there will be only on shift for all Russian pupils.

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