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The newest “Angara” rocket will be launched from Plesetsk spaceport

Russian Defense Minister has reported to the President that tests were successful.

11.Jul.14 3:45 PM
By Mikhail Prygunov


The newest “Angara” rocket will be launched from Plesetsk spaceport
First test before “Angara” rocket launch were successful. This space craft will be launched form Plesetsk spaceport that is located in Arkhangelsk region in accordance with ITAR-TASS report.

The rocket was launched in a normal testing mode. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu reported about successful results of final testing to the President of Russian Federation. A layout of net load with second stage booster has reached an indicated position of polygon Kura at the distance of 5 700 kilometers fr om the starting position.

The launch was firstly planned on the 27th of June. However automatic systems have not confirmed the launch within several seconds before the start. Rocket carrier was taken from the launching position to a special technical service block wh ere it was thoroughly examined by specialists of Khrunichev center. Several malfunctions were discovered in drainage tank valve which is necessary for eliminating of exceeding pressure. Technical complex is equipped with all necessary tools which made it possible to make all necessary repairing works.

New type of “Angara” rocket launchers is equipped with ecologically clean oxygen-kerosene engines. It is planned to develop the whole series of rocket carriers starting from light class with overall capacity up to 3.8 tones up to heavy class with capacity up to 35 tones. The main aim is to provide strategic safety as well as focus on Russian industry with using Russian components.

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