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The animal of the year has been announced in Nizhny Novgorod “Limpopo” zoo, Russia

The winner is otter. It managed to collect 363 votes from visitors of the zoo.

30.Jul.14 12:23 PM
By Sergey Borisov


The animal of the year has been announced in Nizhny Novgorod “Limpopo” zoo, Russia
“Limpopo” zoo media office has announced the results of “Animal of the Year” award that has taken place on the 27th of July.

11 different animals of the zoo have taken part in this competition. They included African ostrich, the Amur tiger, Amur leopard, reindeer, Bactrian camel, otter, eagle, gibbon, Dalmatian pelican, brown bear and peacock.

1519 visitors of the zoo have taken part in elections of the Animal of the year. Local otter turned out to be w inner. It has collected 363 votes. The winner was awarded with a special sign which says “Public favorite”. At the same time it is planned to celebrate otter’s birthday that is going to be in September.

Among leaders were also Amur leopard with 300 votes, Amur tiger with 250 votes, peacock with 170 votes and gibbon with 157 votes.

Director of “Limpopo” zoo noted that otters are among the most favorite animals. Crowds of people are eager to witness their water stunts. He also said that otter has deserved that win. Nemo and Milya are very good at diving. At the same time they are perfect swimmers and like to play with the ball. They are rather dexterous and charming.

Moreover deputy head of “Limpopo” zoo Maria Lakomina said that “Animal of the Year” award will take place every year. The winners will be paid additional attention and treat.

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