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Shantasev overtook candidates form “Spravedlivaya Rossiya”, “Russian Communists” and “LDPR” parties

Candidates from Spravedlivaya Rossiya”, “Russian Communists” and “LDPR” parties are among leaders.

21.Jul.14 11:03 AM
By Daria Zelichenko


Shantasev overtook candidates form “Spravedlivaya Rossiya”, “Russian Communists” and “LDPR” parties
“A+” independent rating agency has already prepared rating of candidates for head of the region position. They include Alexander Bochkarev from “Spravedlivaya Rossiya”, Maxim Suraykin from “Russian Communists” and Alexander Kurdyumov from “LDPR”. However Valery Shantsev is still the main leader of this election. He has already collected votes from 341 deputies in comparison with 323 votes for Bochkarev, 322 votes for Suraykin and 310 votes for Kurdyumov.

Public support staff is not surprised with such results. Moreover they are sure that Shantsev could have collected even more votes. At the same time we should also consider that election race has only started. 11 candidates are eager to take the position of the head of region. “Grazhdanskaya Sila” party has also presented their own candidate.

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