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Russians want to return death penalty

The majority of Russians think that death penalty should be returned.

22.Sep.14 6:44 AM
By Abigail Richards


Russians want to return death penalty
“Public opinion” Russian organization has made a research during the last month. The results of this research made it clear that the majority of Russians want death penalty to be returned. This information was provided by “Kommersant” newspaper.

In accordance with results of the research more than 50% of Russians are for the returning of the death penalty, 24% of population would prefer if everything stays in the same way as it is now, 6% are against death penalties while 15% of population were not able to give a direct answer to the question. In other words about 63% of Russian population is for the returning of the death penalty.

At the same time people shared their opinion regarding crimes that should be punished by death penalties. The most severe violations in accordance with their opinion include   pedophilia, rape, murder, drug trafficking, treason. Those who were against death penalties paid attention to the fact that court mistake may take place rather often. That is why inn-cent person can be killed.

It should be noted that returning of death penalty has already been discussed for several times. However the decision has not still been made. If considering opinion of the President, there will be no death penalty in Russian jurisdiction.

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