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Russian Traffic Police reminds drivers of traffic adjuster gestures

Lots of problems occur due to ignorance of key moment of traffic rules in the region.

23.Sep.14 8:54 AM
By Alexey Kuritsyn


Russian Traffic Police reminds drivers of traffic adjuster gestures
Nizhny Novgorod Traffic Police department asks all drivers to remember about the main traffic rules which are connected with traffic adjuster gestures. This information was provided by media office of the Traffic Police department in Nizhny Novgorod region.

“Implementation of traffic adjuster gestures is one of the most efficient tools for providing roads with necessary traffic capacity. That is why when drivers do not know the main gestures, it lead to occurring of traffic jams and congested roads.”

Traffic adjusters are available in the most hard and risky point of the roads which are located not only in Nizhny Novgorod but also all over the region. Rush hours are considered to be the most risky periods
It’s high time to review traffic rules!

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