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John McAfee death was a suicide, autopsy confifms

John McAfee's relatives will finally bury him now

Russian government will work out new Food Program

Such order was given by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

15.Aug.14 3:15 PM
By Mihail Prygunov


Russian government will work out new Food Program
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has recently met with the Governor of Stavropol Territory Vladimir Vladimirov in order to discuss huge changes in a current government program of agricultural support. Medvedev said that the main goal is to work out new food program.

Prime Minister has also noted that there is a new step of agricultural development in Russia. That is why different ranches will also be developed. They include sectors which are weak at the moment and are totally dependent in import. Special measures will be taken in order to get rid of such “import addiction”.

Special meeting will be held in the nearest future. It will include Governors of all agricultural regions in Russia. New variants of agricultural complex and industry will be discussed during upcoming meeting.

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