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Russia: Vehicle tax defaulters lost luxury cars

Bailiffs have arrested property of father and son.

22.Sep.14 7:21 AM
By Svetlana Siuhina


Russia: Vehicle tax defaulters lost luxury cars
Citizens of Nizhny Novgorod have not paid vehicle tax and their luxurious cars have been arrested by the Moscow Regional Bailiff Department. This information is provided by the press-center of Nizhny Novgorod region.

Bailiffs of Moscow Regional Department have initiated cases against citizens of Nizhny Novgorod. Both son and his father have enormous debts and have not paid vehicle tax for a long time. The overall sum of debt is about 250 thousand rubles. Both citizens do not have a permanent and official place of work as well as valid banking or saving accounts.

Investigation has shown that they have two autos which include MERSEDES-BENZ and PORSCHE CAYENNE.
They had a chance to leave their vehicles in case they paid the fine within 10 days. However they refused to pay, that is why bot cars have been arrested.

After a son has found out about such situation he made an effort to hide his PORSCHE CAYENNE from the bailiffs. However investigators have not faced any difficulties in finding the vehicle on one of the parking places. In case he will not pay the entire fine within 10 days, the car will be sold.

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