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Russia: The queues of autos to Crimea are becoming shorter

People have to wait less. However it still takes a lot of time.

24.Jul.14 7:47 AM
By Natalia Klyachina


Russia: The queues of autos to Crimea are becoming shorter
3.6 thousand cars were transported over the last 24 hours in accordance with information provided by Integrated Transport Directorate. There were 15 autos at Crimea port waiting while 400 autos were at Kavkaz port. It takes 11 hours in order to get fr om one side to another at the moment. Despite the fact that people have to wait for a long time in queues, this period is shorter in comparison with last week when it took 40 hours to get to Crimea by ferry.

Special trading points were arranged for people in order to make them feel comfortable in long queues. Everyone is able to buy necessary products including food and drinks. Moreover special accommodations were arranged wh ere people may have rest and sleep. Policemen control the situation and prevent any kind of mess and violations. Fire brigades and ambulances are provided in case of necessity.

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