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Russia: Officials will defend Nizhny Novgorod residents from preying

Residents of the region complain about the price increase.

17.Aug.14 11:21 AM
By Abigail Richards


Russia: Officials will defend Nizhny Novgorod residents from preying
Minister of Small Business Support and Development Denis Labuza has held an urgent meeting with representatives of trading networks on the 12th of August. This information was officially provided by media office of the Ministry.

The main reason for this meeting was the fact that lots of citizens complained about enormous price increase in some trading networks. Products have become twice more expensive.

Labuza said that there are no reasons for any price increase at the moment. He also noted that he will never let preying of Nizhny Novgorod region residents. That is why 24/ price monitoring will be implemented. This will help to control product prices.

These monitoring activities are made by Ministry of Business Support and Development in Nizhny Novgorod regions starting from the last week. All information about prices is collected form special controlling committees as well as from ordinary customers.

Such control is mostly connected with sanctions that were implemented by Russian Federation in response to European and US sanctions.

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