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Russia has sold arming for $5.6 billion during the first half-year

Russian arming export backlog has increased up to $50 billion

08.Jul.14 2:34 PM
By D.S.


Russia has sold arming for $5.6 billion during the first half-year
Russia has already sold weaponry and military equipment in the amount of 5.6 billion dollars during the first half-year of 2014. Arming export backlog has already increased up to 50 billion dollars according to the president of Russian federation. Such figures were announced during meeting of Commission on Military and Technical cooperation of Russia with foreign states. Putin is sure that this statistics is rather solid and impressive.

In 2013 overall volume of sold arming was in the amount of 15.7 billion dollars. At the same time the level of arming export backlog has been up to 35 billion dollars in 2013.

Putin also presented his new Military and Technical Cooperation Assistant Vladimir Kozhyn who was appointed to this position on the12th of May 2014. President is sure that Kozhyn has necessary experience and high level of professionalism in order to strengthen relations between different governmental departments which deal with Military and Technical Cooperation.

Putin also shared his opinion that this branch is one of the most complicated and it calls for further positive development and managing of all the process which take place in this sphere.

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