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Russia: Development project of Pavlovsk poultry farm is priority

Regional Investment Board has approved the fact that development project of “Pavlovsk Poultry” is priority in Nizhny Novgorod region.

24.Sep.14 1:50 PM
By Anna Repina


Russia: Development project of Pavlovsk poultry farm is priority
The topic of Pavlovsk poultry farm development has turned out to be the main on the meeting of Regional Investment Board. The meeting has taken place in Nizhny Novgorod. The project of development incudes reconstruction of enterprise infrastructure.  At the same time they plan to increase of annual broiler chicken meat production up to 11.8 thousand tons.  

The Investment Board considered 13 applications in implementation of different investment projects in the region. All projects have been already approved by the committee. The overall amount of investments will be more than 224 million rubles. The will be spend on objects of trading infrastructure (96 million rubles), construction of new houses (more than 128 million rubles). After all projects are completed, the budget of Nizhny Novgorod region will get 4 million rubles annually.

The implementation of Pavlovsk poultry farm development project will make it possible to create 556 additional vacancies. At the same time the enterprise will be free from taxes within unlimited period of time. This will be a good support for the company.

It should be noted that INNOV.RU has already informed its readers about the fact that Investment Board of the region has already approved several projects.  They include construction of a new hotel complex that will be located in Bor. Moreover construction of backup Gagarin prospect in Nizhny Novgorod has also been planned. This will help to direct transit transport on Larin street which will decrease the level of main roads load in the city.

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