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Russia: Construction of Southern Bypass goes ahead of schedule

This information was provided by Valery Shantsev during meeting that was devoted infrastructure and transport development in the region.

17.Sep.14 12:19 PM
By Anna Repina
Photo Governor's Media Office


Russia: Construction of Southern Bypass goes ahead of schedule
The Head of Nizhny Novgorod region Valery Shantsev held a meeting which was devoted to transport development. He reported about current results of Southern Bypass construction. The meeting has taken place on Monday 15th of September.

He paid attention to the fact that construction of bypass goes ahead of schedule. 12 of overall 14 kilometers of earthen mounds have already been prepared for further construction works as well as 6 kilometers of macadam. The Head of the region encouraged workers to take the advantage of weather conditions and complete all necessary works connected with asphalt concrete pavement by the end of this year. Construction of different artificial objects is 70% completed. They include bridges and overpasses. It means that all works will be finished complete in the following year.

In addition connection of the bypass with oil producing factory will give a chance to in Kstovo will let launch traffic in Nizhny Novgorod region before the 4th stage of the Southern Bypass is completed.

By the way, construction of the Southern Bypass will be launched in 2016. It will be 42 kilometers long.

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