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Russia can lose 100 billion euros because of the sanctions

The economy of European countries can suffer from the same damage.

30.Jul.14 1:25 PM
By Mikhail Prygunov


Russia can lose 100 billion euros because of the sanctions
Russian economic loses can be up to 100 billion euros due to EU sanctions. At the same time European economy will suffer from the same damages during the next two years. This information was provided by EUobserver in accordance with the source that is well-aware of discussed economic sanctions against Russia.

These sanctions will lead to economic loss for Russia in the amount of 23 billion euros in 2014 and 75 billion euros in 2015. The main damage for the European countries will be reflected in the fact that Russia will have a limited access to the financial market which will result in limited export of different goods and military equipment and armory.

The source also noted that EU is waiting for an opposite reaction from Russia. European countries will lose 40 billion euros in 2014 and 50 billion euros in 2015. They main damage will be concentrated on economically weak countries which are located in the Southern part of Europe. That is why the government of these countries asked commission to pay attention on the fact of negative influence from implemented sanctions against Russia.

We should also take into consideration that sanctions may also lead to reduction of 350 thousand employees who depend on economic relations between Germany and Russia.

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