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Russia: All Nizhny Novgorod first graders received their insurance

More than 34 thousand pupils received their insurances.

02.Sep.14 2:27 PM
By Abigail Richards


Russia: All Nizhny Novgorod first graders received their insurance
On the 1st of September all Nizhny Novgorod first graders received their insurances that were provided by “United Russia” political party. This insurance comes into force as soon as children leave their homes and go to school. It protects pupils throughout the whole time until children get back home from school.

This insurance project is called “In Future together with United Russia!”. Regional department of this party has been implementing this project since 2004.  The main idea is to provide every first grader with insurance that contains financial protection in case of incidents.

More than 34 thousand pupils have already received their insurances in accordance with this project.
The number of happy owners was a little bit lower last year. More than 60 thousand children have got their insurances and protection over the last two years in Nizhny Novgorod.

All parents approve of this initiative taking into consideration the fact that a lot of accidents may take place which involve kids, especially at the beginning of new educational year. The percentage of incidents involving first graders is rather high at the moment.

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