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Pandemic gadgets are on the weird side

It has LED and it has speakers!

06.Jan.22 12:19 PM
By Abigail Richards
Photo The American Manufacturer


Pandemic gadgets are on the weird side
Razer announced a face mask with voice enhancement on Wednesday. Users should therefore be better understood.

The company announced last year to market "the smartest face mask in the world". The so-called Zephyr mask was supposed to have a built-in amplifier, but in the end this function was missing. According to Razer, the mask would otherwise become too heavy and drain the battery too quickly.

The manufacturer is now releasing the Zephyr Pro, which still has the ability to amplify a voice. The new face mask gets a button with which voice amplification can be switched on and off. The user's voice is amplified to around 60 decibels. That's about the normal strength of a voice during a conversation.

The mask, like the regular version, has small fans, RGB lighting effects and N95 filters. The pro variant will be 50 euros more expensive than the normal version.

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