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New rules of pet transportation come into force in Russia

Platzkart passengers will not be allowed to take pets with them.

27.Aug.14 10:33 AM
By Abigail Richards


New rules of pet transportation come into force in Russia
According to new rule of pet transportation in far distance trains passengers will be allowed to transport them only if they have booked a coupe. This information was provided by “Federal Passenger Company” which is subsidiary of Russian Railways.

Earlier passengers were able to buy platzkart seat for their pets. Now these tickets are no longer available. Passenger can transport pets only in case they buy coupe tickets. At the same time some pets are still allowed to be transport in platzkart only in case there is certificate from a veterinary hospital which proved perfect health conditions of the pet. At the same time it is necessary to keep animals in special containers and cages which can be placed on as carryon. Such explanations were provided by Russian Railways representatives.

Every dog must have a muzzle and leash. The owner of the dog should also have a certificate from veterinary hospital. Speaking about guide dogs the rules are the same for them. They can be transported free of charge.

The price for pets’ transporting is equal to transporting price for 50 kg of luggage.

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