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More than five millions emails and phones are for sale

Massive Twitter leak may provoke a subsequent attacks

25.Jul.22 5:59 AM
By Abigail Richards
Photo Twitter


More than five millions emails and phones are for sale
The data of 5.4 million Twitter users is offered online after a hack. For example, email addresses and phone numbers are for sale. Who is behind the leak is not known.

The data is offered on a hacker marketplace. The data is for sale for at least 30,000 dollars. No passwords were leaked, but email addresses and phone numbers were. The data was probably stolen via a vulnerability in the Android version of Twitter application. The vulnerability was fixed in January.

The hackers claim to have data from celebrities and big companies in their hands. Restore Privacy writes that the leaked information is real, but cannot confirm whether the hackers are selling data of celebrities.

Twitter has not yet responded to the leak.

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