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Kenges Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova allocate one billion to help Kazakhstan

The money will be transferred to Kazakhstan Khalkyna foundation soon

Lifestyle news

 What can be called a good online casino in 2022?
20.Jan.22 9:26 AM | 71 tells how to choose an online casino

Record scam: 26.4 bitcoin from one investor by impersonating Michael Saylor
17.Jan.22 5:53 PM | 113

I'll double your money: this trick will never get old

Pandemic gadgets are on the weird side
06.Jan.22 12:19 PM | 90

It has LED and it has speakers!

A big year for Cardano: what expectations are met
26.Dec.21 9:22 AM | 159

Cardano (ADA) had a spectacular year and even brighter future

Young dombrists are invited by Kenges Rakishev and Aselle Tamagambetova
29.Nov.21 1:01 PM | 173

Saby charity opens "Dombra-Dastan" contest for young musicians

No (American) man on the moon until at 2025
10.Nov.21 4:55 PM | 177

The program expiriences motivational and technical troubles

Great loss for science is a great win for woke freaks
19.Oct.21 12:35 PM | 278

Diversity has gone too far

The end is near: Sotheby's starts to sell memes
15.Oct.21 10:26 AM | 253

When the true art is away, memes are here to save the business

Kenes Rakishev promotes modern skills with robotics classes
06.Oct.21 2:58 PM | 499

School #174 receives a much needed donation: Kenes Rakishev grants a complete robotics class to the gymnasium

Kenes Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova invite teachers to take part in a digital contest
26.Sep.21 7:34 PM | 653

New skills for the new millennium: K. Rakishev and A. Tasmagambetova call teachers to rev up their digital skills and create integrated educational products

Now you can beg for donations - in bitcoin
24.Sep.21 7:55 AM | 206

Twitter integrates donation button and allows everyone to use it

FBI had a decryption key for REvil attacks
22.Sep.21 11:49 AM | 187

But kept it in secret in hope hackers will show up, which they never did

The Irish Data Protection Commission is worried about Facebook glasses
18.Sep.21 8:30 AM | 160

But DPC has no resources to investigate the issue properly

Solidarity march planed for El Salvador
06.Sep.21 11:49 AM | 168

Crowds will buy a little bit of bitcoin - it may result in pump

Reddit moderators call for anti-vaccine movement ban
26.Aug.21 12:34 PM | 222

The Iron Nanny corpo-state will keep us safe

Uganda helps US to evacuate people from Afghanistan
25.Aug.21 5:02 PM | 197

We are truly living in the age of wonders

No more application on DACA program, federal judge decides
18.Jul.21 8:11 AM | 326

The decision does not change anything for 650K 'dreamers' already there

Dogecoin price prediction: clowns drive the waves, bitcoin dictates the direction
27.Jun.21 7:25 PM | 394

Elon Musk isn't pushing Doge just for fun: he is a major holder of the coin

Facebook will implement its own vision of satire
18.Jun.21 7:51 AM | 402

Satire is what Facebook will decide satire is - period

Aselle Tasmagambetova opened Emergency Paediatric Surgery ward in Aktau
11.Jun.21 3:58 PM | 345

The president of Saby charity foundation underlines the importance of the modern medical aid

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