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Large families will not pay taxes in Russia

Necessary corrections will be made in Tax Code of Russian Federation.

23.Aug.14 1:10 PM
By Abigail Richards


Large families will not pay taxes in Russia
Deputies of State Duma who represent Communists party a working on law corrections which will allow large families not to pay taxes. In case they pat taxes, the interest rate for such families will be much lower in comparison with others. The authors of new corrections have used experience of developed Western countries.

According to primary information Deputies offer to implement benefits in the amount of 7% for families with three children. Parents who take care of more than 5 children this discount will be 5%. This information was provided by “Izvestiya” newspaper.

Some authors offer to    make large families absolutely free from taxes. This will help to stimulate the level of fertility all over the country.

It should be mentioned that large families in Russia have lots of different benefits at the moment. On the other hand special system of benefits and low interest rates should be implemented for large families as it is done in developed Western countries. Russian Federation should follow progressive way of development and support large families by all means.

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