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JBS attacked by hackers, some delays in service are expected

World largest meat processor is hacked, security team is working to revive the network.

01.Jun.21 1:02 PM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo JBS


JBS attacked by hackers, some delays in service are expected
JBS, the world's largest meat processor, was attacked by hackers on Sunday. As a result of the cyber attack, the company had to shut down most of its computer networks and meat processing in various places came to a halt.

Among other things, computer networks in North America and Australia had to be shut down. In a large Canadian factory, meat production was temporarily stopped. In Australia, cattle and lambs were temporarily not slaughtered.

The originally Brazilian JBS is active worldwide. The organized cyber attack was aimed at the American computer servers, the company announced on Monday.

JBS claims to have received no signals that the hackers stole important data. Hard work is being done to get all IT systems up and running again. The cyber attack may cause delays for customers and suppliers.

According to an Australian trade union, up to 10,000 JBS employees were sent home in that country because of the disruptions caused by the hack.

The hacking attack at JBS took place not long after a major cyber attack on the American oil pipeline company Colonial Pipeline. That hack three weeks ago had to temporarily shut down a major oil pipeline in the US, causing shortages of petrol at service stations and fuel prices to rise sharply.

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