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How much will it cost to prepare a kid for school in Russia?

Oleg Kondrashev has visited “School Fair” in Leninsky district.

29.Aug.14 11:30 AM
By Elena Bashkirova


How much will it cost to prepare a kid for school in Russia?
How much will it cost to prepare a kid for school? The majority of Russian parents ask themselves this question. The Head of Nizhny Novgorod City Administration Oleg Kondrashev decided to visit local “School Fair” in order to answer it:

“Preparing one child for school will cost parent approximately 15 thousand rubles”.

The Fair was arranged in form of exhibition. The Head of City Administration got acquainted with array of offered goods as well as examined their quality and discusses prices of all necessary school staff.

“Despite the fact that local sellers do not pay rent for their trading places, the cost of school preparation is very high. It is approximately 15 thousand rubles. At the same time such school fairs are necessary. They held to save additional 2-3 thousand rubles. Such trading method has become extremely popular in our city. That is why it needs further development,” – concluded Oleg Kondrashev.

School Fairs are annually opened in Nizhny Novgorod before the start of educational year. They include six markets with 150 trading places and 3 000 items of different goods and school staff.

It should be mentioned that Kondrashev has already ordered Ministry of Economic and Investment Development and Regional Administrations to proceed with regular examinations of such fairs in order to prevent any trading rules’ violations

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