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Kenges Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova allocate one billion to help Kazakhstan

The money will be transferred to Kazakhstan Khalkyna foundation soon

Hot pursuit with stolen car and police has taken place in Kstovsky region, Russia

INNOV.RU staff has witnessed hot pursuit.

29.Jul.14 1:18 PM
By Alexey Kuritsyn


Hot pursuit with stolen car and police has taken place in Kstovsky region, Russia
A breathtaking pursuit has taken place in Zhdanovsky viallge, Kstovsky region. According to police department media Ford Focus auto attracted attention of traffic inspectors. It was moving on the wrong side of the road. Inspectors decided to follow this suspicious auto.

As soon as they reached Ford Focus they ordered driver to stop his car. However the driver was not planning to stop the care as well as react on traffic inspectors anyway. One of INNOV.RU employees turned out to be a witness of this pursuit. He has immediately informed us about this accident. He said that Focus was driving at a very high speed despite from moving in the living area with lots of pedestrians and parked cars.

He made lots of violations of traffic rules. Eventually he had nothing to do but surrender.

A driver turned out to be a 42-year old man who was drunk. He didnít have a valid driving license as well as any documents which proved that this car belonged to him. Traffic inspectors checked information about this car in their data base. As result they found out that Ford Focus has been stolen.

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