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John McAfee death was a suicide, autopsy confifms

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FC Volga has lost 1:3 against FC Anzhi

FC Anzhi has shown higher class.

21.Jul.14 1:27 PM
By Sportkor Irina


FC Volga has lost 1:3 against FC Anzhi
FC Volga Nizhny Novgorod has lost in a match of third row of FNL against FC Anzhi with a score 1:3 (0:0).

Fans were able to see goals only in the second half. Asildarov, Gadzhibekov and Serderov have scored for FC Anzhi.
FC Volga players were able to score back only on 82nd minute of the second half. Ilia Kuharchuck’s strike turned out to be spectacular. He decided to shoot from the distance straight under the bar. This shot will be included in top-3 goals of the 3rd row of FNL. This top is provided by “Sportbox”.

FC Volga manager Andrei Talayev mentioned that such result is due to a lack of experienced players in his team. At the same time he stressed several young players with huge potential. He said that they performed really well today. However they are not experienced enough. Manger is satisfied with the game but bot with the result. Talayev is sure that FC Anzhi has won due to more experience and class.

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