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Elon Musk brawl with subscribers led to another bitcoin fall

To be fair Elon Musk is not the reason for the correction

17.May.21 8:00 AM
By Abigail Richards
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Elon Musk brawl with subscribers led to another bitcoin fall

Elon Musk reported Monday morning that Tesla did not sell any Bitcoins. This is what the founder of the electric car manufacturer did after he hinted at it earlier tonight.

"To clear up speculation, Tesla did not sell any Bitcoin yet," said Musk.

Last night, Musk retweeted a tweet that read that bitcoin holders will get a slap if they find out next quarter that Tesla dumped the rest of its Bitcoins. "With all the hate @elonmusk gets, I can't even blame him," tweeted a crypto analyst calling himself Mr. Whale.

An hour before that, Musk wrote that Bitcoin is "vastly centralized" with a few big 'miners' in control.

And in response to a tweet from another follower, who suggested that Musk is 'a troll', Tesla's top man responded that these "unpleasant threats" make him want to go "all in" on Dogecoin. Which is by the way more centralized than Bitcoin to be fair.

Monday morning the Bitcoin was traded at $ 44,814. Dogecoin dropped to $ 0.4917.

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