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Communists offer Russia to withdraw from WTO

Communists will introduce such bill in the nearest future.

25.Aug.14 1:22 PM
By Abigail Richards


Communists offer Russia to withdraw from WTO
Communists are sure that it will be better for Russia in case it withdraws from WTO. It has been officially revealed that Deputies of the State Duma from Communistsí Party are planning to introduce new bill during government sessions in the beginning of autumn. This bill is connected with protocol denunciation in accordance with which Russia is included in the World Trading Organization.

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Constitutional Legislation Vadim Solovyev said that communists have always been against Russia entering WTO. The party continues to insist on its point of view.

Solovyev is sure that membership in WTO has a negative influence on Russian economy. It eliminates the potential of the country. That is why this agreement must be terminated as soon as possible in the face of new sanctions against Russian federation. Communists are hoping that their colleagues in the State Duma will share their opinion.

This question will be solved during autumn session. It will be clear whether Russia withdraws from WTO or still will be its member.

It should be noted that Russia federation has entered World Trading Organization in august 2012.

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