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Citizens of Nizhny Novgorod feel the price increase in Russia

However, in accordance with results of recent sociologic surveys about 80% of Nizhny Novgorod citizens support Russian sanctions in spite of price increase.

05.Oct.14 1:45 PM
By Anna Posohina


Citizens of Nizhny Novgorod feel the price increase in Russia
Special sociologic research has been made by Institute of Political Psychology in cooperation with A+ independent rating agency from 20th to 23rd of September. More than 1 500 respondents from Nizhny Novgorod region have been interviewed during this period. The survey was arranged in basics of a personal interview.

The results of the research have turned out to be rather interesting. 77.4% of Nizhny Novgorod region citizens support Russian sanctions which were implemented against the US and European suppliers of agricultural products. At the same time 6.4% of all respondents were against taking such drastic measures considering current situation in the country while 16.2% of respondents had nothing to answer.

The results of this research show high level of reliability and trust towards Russian government. Moreover 21.9% of Nizhny Novgorod region have not even noticed the slightest price increase on agricultural products. However 77.4% of respondents paid attention to the rapid product price during the last several weeks.

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