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Chaika Nizhny Novgorod snatched victory from Steel Foxes Magnitogorsk

The finals score is 3:2 (0:0, 0:1, 2:1, 0:0, 1:0).

08.Oct.14 11:48 AM
By Irina Sportkor


Chaika Nizhny Novgorod snatched victory from Steel Foxes Magnitogorsk
Another match has recently taken place in Russian Youth Hockey League between Chaika Nizhny Novgorod and Steel Foxes Magnitogorsk. Players fr om Nizhny Novgorod have not wasted their chance to snatch the victory with the final score 3:2.

At first Chaika was losing 0:2 during the biggest part of the game. Dmitry Arsennyuk and Artur Boltanov scored for Steel Foxes and put their team into the lead. It seemed like everything was clear in that match. However Vyacheslav Ryanov and his team were not going to give up. Nizhny Novgorod players Ivan Komarov and Ilya Balabolkin managed to score two equalizers within 1 and half minute. Full time ended with score 2:2.

Extra time was not enough for both of teams to determine the winner of the match. That is why it was made during a shootout wh ere Nikita Rogov scored a winning goal for his team.

The second match between this teams will start today on the 8th of October.

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