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Blockchain business news

Yandex wants to split business, keep Russian and worldwide operations separate
28.Nov.22 9:01 AM | 81

In an attempt to preserve the company's market positions in Russia and conquer some new territories Yandex is about to split

PocketOption Application is an easy and safe way to try active investment
24.Nov.22 6:44 AM | 88

PocketOption Application - your way to the investment world

Meta, Facebook to fire thousands, financial results are disappointing
07.Nov.22 7:56 AM | 135

Tech shares are deflating and the companies need to shrink to some realistic levels

Musk comes up with the new censorship idea
31.Oct.22 8:41 AM | 127

Total liberty was rather short-lived

Meta curbs optimism: target for monthly registration for VR is halved
17.Oct.22 8:29 AM | 243

Let's hope it will fail miserably

New sanctions against China are meant to delay the inevitable
10.Oct.22 4:37 PM | 172

China will conquer the microelectronics, volens/nolens

China is dominating blockchain apps
03.Oct.22 7:48 AM | 145

Despite the government stance, the apps are growing in popularity

Apple moves some of the iPhone production to India
26.Sep.22 8:02 AM | 202

Lockdowns and politics forced Apple to travel

Youtube users are force-fed with advertisement
19.Sep.22 11:38 AM | 155

Time to block the ads or by a chicken and pay for Premium subscription

Apple registers dull 'reality' trademarks, here is what experts are thinking about it
29.Aug.22 7:00 AM | 191

Tech in the mood to revive VR glasses

Baidu got permit on AI taxi use in two locations
08.Aug.22 7:47 AM | 226

China is one step ahead with the AI taxis

Russia imposes fines on WhatsApp, several others popular services
01.Aug.22 7:37 AM | 251

The companies fail to localise data of Russian users

More than five millions emails and phones are for sale
25.Jul.22 5:59 AM | 220

Massive Twitter leak may provoke a subsequent attacks

The recent Instagram update is a disaster
18.Jul.22 9:23 AM | 223

Instagram engineers rolled out an instant UI disaster

After all mating dances Elon Musk refused to buy Twitter
11.Jul.22 7:29 AM | 216

A lengthy legal process will likely follow

Google and Apple get under CMA's investigation
13.Jun.22 6:34 AM | 251

Market watchdog UK wants to investigate Apple and Google's abuse of power

Twitter accuses Elon Musk in leaking of sensitive data
16.May.22 6:39 AM | 272

Twitter is full of bots, but how do we calculate their share?

Russian space agency will work on ISS for another year
02.May.22 7:57 AM | 362

Russians are going out from ISS program, but it will serve another year for sure

NASA will test SpinLaunch concept
11.Apr.22 11:06 AM | 291

The project is innovative, but the engeneering problems are huge

EU adopted the harshest and silliest crypto regulation law ever
31.Mar.22 6:56 PM | 330

Once implemented it will kill the European fintech once and for all

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