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This is Peter Brandt's Bitcoin bull explained: checking the boxes

Has the Bitcoin started the next bull run? The nice thing about Peter Brandt is that he relies on st...

Blockchain business news

Twitter mention statistics reflects BTC dominance
27.May.20 9:16 AM | 213

The number of Bitcoin (BTC) listings on Twitter almost exactly mimics the market capitalization

Kenes Rakishev steps out of negotiations on acquiring minority stake at GV Gold
26.May.20 8:23 AM | 272

Kenes Rakishev refused to acquire the stake because of rising evaluation of the asset and lack of independent market valuation

Dutch cabinet advisors: invest heavily and show solidarity with Europe
22.May.20 10:18 AM | 162

Burn the money, enjoy the show

Telegram ICO collapsed, so what are Kenes Rakishev's options?
14.May.20 4:12 PM | 1821

Kenes Rakishev, in an early interview to CNNews clarified his position on the likeliness of the whole project's collapse.

Bitcoin vs. gold: Crypto exchange Coinbase sees great benefits in bitcoin
11.May.20 10:20 AM | 201

BTC versus gold is the only one that is truly accessible worldwide and does not have to rely on the physical supply chains. reservations fall 40 percent in Q1
09.May.20 7:05 PM | 173

Hotel reservations in Q1 40 percent lower y/y

Tata Steel prepares a major rearrangement in Europe
09.May.20 6:54 PM | 807

The only option seems to be to unbundle the company

Bitcoin hashrate once again reaches all time high
04.May.20 8:51 AM | 150

All miners are running at full scale

 Nikolai Udianskyi and his Ultimatum Bitcoin smokescreen
22.Apr.20 7:03 AM | 453

The Bitcoin Ultimatum seems to be the Ultimate Bitcoin scam

Jennifer Morgan leaves SAP software giant alone with Christian Klein
21.Apr.20 8:08 AM | 258

J. Morgan departs from SAP

Google allows third-party tracking cookies until COVID crisis is over
05.Apr.20 9:48 AM | 275

Google reverses a strict cookie policy in Chrome web browser, fearing that it will 'destroy' important sites during the corona crisis

Kenes Rakishev and his friends donated 41 million USD to combat COVID
30.Mar.20 11:42 PM | 453

Kenes Rakishev and his friends offer the vital help to beef up the Kazakhstan's healthcare system

Recession is unavoidable, the only question is how deep it will be
26.Mar.20 11:09 AM | 233

Depending on the scenario EU may plunge from 1,2 percent to 10 percent

Germany establishes 500-billion fund to pump in ailing companies
20.Mar.20 10:27 AM | 385

The German government plans to set up an emergency fund of ˆ 500 billion to help companies

Kenes Rakishev, Saby and Kaspi supply Kazakhstan with free test kits and lung ventilator
20.Mar.20 10:07 AM | 664

Saby fund led by Aselle Tasmagambetova and supported by Kenes Rakishev and other leading businessmen of the country is on the front line of battling the COVID

Sirin Labs to focus on security markets, Kenes Rakishev announced
12.Mar.20 9:16 AM | 1539

With its innovative products Kenes Rakishev’s Sirin Cyber will be able to get a share of this highly competitive and lucrative developing markets

Pekka Lundmark has replaced Rajeev Suri as the Nokia top manager
02.Mar.20 8:34 AM | 260

Suri is replaced by Pekka Lundmark, which comes from the Fortum Oyj electricity company

Kenes Rakishev's Sirin made a revolution by merging crypto with serious investors
23.Feb.20 1:18 PM | 494

Unlike many others Sirin has managed to survive the Long Dark of the Crypto. The crypto fewer of the late 2017 may be gone but not forgotten.

Kenes Rakishev told CNews about Net Element, Sirin Labs and the state of the Telegram crypto currency
20.Feb.20 4:53 PM | 794

Kenes Rakishev revealed a lot about the startup scene and his vision of it in particular

With $3.8B in total Garmin breaks a revenue record
19.Feb.20 1:02 PM | 329

Navigator manufacturing company Garmin achieved a record revenue of almost 3.8 billion dollars in 2019.

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