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This is Peter Brandt's Bitcoin bull explained: checking the boxes

Has the Bitcoin started the next bull run? The nice thing about Peter Brandt is that he relies on st...

Blockchain business news

Kenges Rakishev prefers to opt in the precious metal mining and refinement
22.Jan.20 12:23 AM | 145

Kenges Rakishev is shifting his activities towards more value-intensive projects

United Stated pushes Dutch ASML company out of China
06.Jan.20 11:47 AM | 191

An export license for chip machine manufacturer ASML to China was suspended by the Netherlands following strong pressure from the United States.

Tesla made 367K cars in the year 2019
03.Jan.20 5:34 PM | 140

Tesla produced 367,500 cars in 2019

Bitcoin dominance will continue to rise at the expense of altcoins
24.Dec.19 3:20 PM | 174

That predicts the well-known cryptocurrency trader and analyst during the latest episode of his YouTube series published on December 22.

BTC has dived under the 7000 floor
17.Dec.19 8:54 AM | 200

The exchange rate of the bitcoin fell to below 7000 dollars on Tuesday. In addition, the lowest level since May was tapped.

No bitcoin, but central-issued stablecoins, according to Lagarde and European Central Bank
14.Dec.19 8:18 PM | 304

The European Central Bank (ECB) wants to make more and better efforts in the field of digital currency. They are ambitious because Lagarde has stated that it wants to lead the way when it comes to stablecoins.

Craig Wright: Kleiman's heirs could sell 2 billion dollars of BTC
30.Aug.19 4:40 PM | 662

Two billion dollars, which could come from the sale of 200,000 coins on the market may be a serious issue.

Wall Street will open almost flat
29.Mar.19 9:26 AM | 1045

The stock exchanges in New York are expected to open almost flat on Thursday

WhatsApp gets its own stablecoin
04.Mar.19 10:13 AM | 991

There is information that WhatsApp will indeed introduce its own cryptocurrency.

Fitch confirms creditworthiness of Italy
25.Feb.19 8:52 AM | 944

For the time being, Italy holds the BBB rating at Fitch, with a negative outlook.

Bitcoin gets a boost from JPMorgan
20.Feb.19 12:02 PM | 823

The price of the bitcoin is in a clear upward trend.

Bitcoin-hater JPMorgan starts its own crypto
15.Feb.19 10:22 AM | 493

The big Wall Street bank itself starts a crypto coin: JPM Coin.

Banco Santander holds an upward trend
30.Jan.19 10:53 PM | 451

Banco Santander has seen profits increase in the last quarter of last year, helped by an increased customer base and acquisitions.

Huawei ushers in 5G
25.Jan.19 12:47 PM | 1799

Huawei today presented the first commercial 5G device. With the help of the Balong 5000 chipset, the world's fastest wireless connection for the smartphone, in the home, at the office and on the go, is now within reach.

Instagram Founders Step Down
26.Sep.18 7:51 AM | 796

According to several sources, the reason for such a sudden decision was the contradiction between Systrom and Zuckerberg, who imposed his views on the management of the company.

Pound Dives to Dollar After May's Words on Stalled Brexit talks
21.Sep.18 8:56 PM | 1603

The rate of the British pound has fallen to the US dollar by almost 1.5% after the statement of British Prime Minister.

Societe Generale Looks at Huge US Penalties
05.Sep.18 7:45 AM | 978

Societe Generale expects the size of possible penalties on the part of the US authorities for violation of the sanctions regime.

China to Slap $ 16bn Retaliation Tariffs on US Imports
14.Aug.18 3:04 PM | 784

China will introduce 25% duty for goods from the US to $ 16 billion from August 23

Russia sold US bonds and replaced them with good ol' gold
31.Jul.18 10:47 AM | 835

US debt is stable after the Russian exit. There is no impact on the market and there is no rush for sale the US assets.

It is not the End of Facebook, it is the proof of the insane origin of it's value
27.Jul.18 10:42 AM | 641

The Crash is revealing that Facebook is no more than pyramid that can survive only by growing.

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