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Zuckerberg discussed "TikTok danger" during private dinner with Trump

Facebook spokesman says that Zuckerberg 'cannot remember' discussing the issue of TikTok wit...

Blockchain business news

Stricter measures do not put pressure on business yet
24.Sep.20 9:05 AM | 13

New measures are putting little pressure on business, but the effect will accumulate

Kenges Rakishev on the marketing in digital decentralized times
23.Sep.20 6:48 PM | 64

The fact is that the traditional channel is versioned, Kenges Rakishev suggests

Maserati will get TomTom navigation system
22.Sep.20 7:06 AM | 79

TomTom provides Maserati car brand with their navigation system

Wolters Kluwer takes over XCM Solutions
14.Sep.20 8:04 AM | 211

Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting has been working with XCM since 2006

Experts wait for 9600 to come
07.Sep.20 10:48 AM | 333

As we enter the new week, we can see more volatility than previous weeks, and the battle for $10,000 can erupt again.

Chinese brands control over 64 percent of earbuds' market
29.Aug.20 8:31 AM | 334

Chinese brands are gradually taking over the wireless earpiece market

Sergey Kartashov: How to choose an IT startup to invest in it
27.Aug.20 4:25 PM | 439

Sergey Kartasov (Sergejs Kartasovs) told how not to get lost in the ocean of IT start-up projects and choose the ones worthy to invest in them

Fortnite-maker gets vocal support from Microsoft against Apple
25.Aug.20 8:38 AM | 276

Microsoft fears that the battle between Apple and Epic will affect the entire game industry

Zuckerberg discussed "TikTok danger" during private dinner with Trump
25.Aug.20 8:31 AM | 446

Facebook spokesman says that Zuckerberg 'cannot remember' discussing the issue of TikTok with Trump

Microsoft Windows turns 25
25.Aug.20 8:26 AM | 181

Windows 95 was the successor to Windows 3.11 and represented a major step forward for Microsoft

MS Flight Sim will trigger an avalanche of hardware upgrades
24.Aug.20 11:03 PM | 134

Research Agency Jon Peddie Research believes that Flight Simulator will be a reason for many people to upgrade their hardware

Kenes Rakishev company, Net Element, clarifies the merger protocol to shareholders
24.Aug.20 7:08 PM | 284

Net Element is finalizing the merger agreement with Mullen Technologies

Kenes Rakishev company, Net Element, goes merger with Mullen
06.Aug.20 6:17 PM | 343

Execution of a definitive agreement to merge with Mullen announced

Snapchat rolls out new feature, struggles to hold new users
22.Jul.20 8:37 AM | 307

Bells and whistles added to the messaging app

Kenes Rakishev to develop Vitino port on his own and maintain integrity of the project
19.Jul.20 5:52 PM | 406

Kenes Rakishev, the owner, operator and developer of sea port Vitino doesn't have intention to share the port potential revenues with others

Saddest record for Boeing since the 1970's oil crisis
14.Jul.20 6:25 PM | 334

Boeing delivered only seventy commercial jets in the first half of this year due to the corona crisis and the problems with the 737 MAX

 Kenes Rakishev is in the spotlight again
14.Jul.20 6:01 PM | 454

Kenes Rakishev became a news maker on several serious occasions

Poultry farmer turned game developer is selling his company for $1.1B
10.Jul.20 9:23 AM | 226

Internet giant Tencent wants to incorporate the Chinese game company Leyou Technologies

Samsung's better than expected performance gives hope to the big tech
07.Jul.20 8:05 AM | 227

The group surprised in a preliminary release with a better than expected profit in the second quarter helped by an increase in internet traffic and the increasing demand for chips and gadgets

 Gold and glitter in 2020: bitcoin is correlating with physical gold prices
01.Jul.20 10:22 AM | 529

According to a research paper by Bloomberg, the upward trend of the precious metal may drag bitcoin

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