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Baidu got permit on AI taxi use in two locations
08.Aug.22 7:47 AM | 63

China is one step ahead with the AI taxis

Russia imposes fines on WhatsApp, several others popular services
01.Aug.22 7:37 AM | 85

The companies fail to localise data of Russian users

More than five millions emails and phones are for sale
25.Jul.22 5:59 AM | 83

Massive Twitter leak may provoke a subsequent attacks

The recent Instagram update is a disaster
18.Jul.22 9:23 AM | 91

Instagram engineers rolled out an instant UI disaster

After all mating dances Elon Musk refused to buy Twitter
11.Jul.22 7:29 AM | 115

A lengthy legal process will likely follow

Google and Apple get under CMA's investigation
13.Jun.22 6:34 AM | 156

Market watchdog UK wants to investigate Apple and Google's abuse of power

Twitter accuses Elon Musk in leaking of sensitive data
16.May.22 6:39 AM | 182

Twitter is full of bots, but how do we calculate their share?

Russian space agency will work on ISS for another year
02.May.22 7:57 AM | 262

Russians are going out from ISS program, but it will serve another year for sure

NASA will test SpinLaunch concept
11.Apr.22 11:06 AM | 216

The project is innovative, but the engeneering problems are huge

EU adopted the harshest and silliest crypto regulation law ever
31.Mar.22 6:56 PM | 244

Once implemented it will kill the European fintech once and for all

Brazil lifts the ban on Telegram
21.Mar.22 9:42 AM | 237

Durov will in exchange monitor 'fake news' and comply to the state orders

Google took down a popular Youtube alternative client
14.Mar.22 1:11 PM | 173

No-no, you won't watch Youtube without silly ads

TikTok has disabled uploads from Russia
07.Mar.22 9:32 AM | 238

Making silly videoclips is no longer an option for Russian teens

Google Maps suspends some services in Ukraine
28.Feb.22 8:20 AM | 195

Traffic information is not available due to war

Haugen: Meta (Facebook) misinformed investors on handling 'disinformation'
21.Feb.22 9:11 AM | 187

Facebook has done too little to combat 'falsehoods'

India goes to full offence on Chinese apps
14.Feb.22 10:02 AM | 199

Indian government sees security risks in Chinese apps - but in fact any apps are insecure, starting with the OS

Kenges Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova allocate one billion to help Kazakhstan
21.Jan.22 12:48 PM | 287

The money will be transferred to Kazakhstan Khalkyna foundation soon

US grabs a whooping share of bitcoin hash rate
10.Jan.22 9:26 AM | 275

As China expels miners, US, Russia and Kazakhstan do welcome them

Kenges Rakishev offers space-grade technology for mere mortal investors
06.Jan.22 9:26 AM | 453

Is StoreDot XFC actually a target of Kenges Rakishev's OXUS Acquisition Co?

BlackBerry sinks its iconic phones, leaves only Android-clones in operation
04.Jan.22 9:38 AM | 300

The legend that becomes a history now

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