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Kenges Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova allocate one billion to help Kazakhstan

The money will be transferred to Kazakhstan Khalkyna foundation soon

Blockchain business news

Kenges Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova allocate one billion to help Kazakhstan
21.Jan.22 12:48 PM | 46

The money will be transferred to Kazakhstan Khalkyna foundation soon

US grabs a whooping share of bitcoin hash rate
10.Jan.22 9:26 AM | 82

As China expels miners, US, Russia and Kazakhstan do welcome them

Kenges Rakishev offers space-grade technology for mere mortal investors
06.Jan.22 9:26 AM | 200

Is StoreDot XFC actually a target of Kenges Rakishev's OXUS Acquisition Co?

BlackBerry sinks its iconic phones, leaves only Android-clones in operation
04.Jan.22 9:38 AM | 127

The legend that becomes a history now

Will Germany become a bitcoin country?
20.Dec.21 12:57 PM | 122

It's local and it's expensive to buy and hard to sell now

Magnificent Antwerp Diamonds: own an investment, a passion, a history!
16.Dec.21 9:41 PM | 158

Magnificent Antwerp Diamonds -- everything you need to know is already there

Kenges Rakishev sees great future in Tayyab lending platform
23.Nov.21 4:12 PM | 194

Islamic financing enters digital age as Kenes Rakishev joins the growing foundation

Why 5 December is an important day for Bitcoin and how it will affect Bitcoin price prediction
15.Nov.21 11:51 AM | 337

Major expectations are a good driver until the underlying hopes are busted

More power and less miners: that's not what decentralization looks like
11.Nov.21 3:55 PM | 209

Miners earn less and less bitcoin, but computing power continues to grow

Blue Origin lost lawsuit over moon landing contract for NASA
05.Nov.21 9:03 AM | 221

Jeff Bezos aerospace company has lost the lawsuit over NASA's lunar landing with SpaceX

Kraken report is positive for mid-term Bitcoin price prediction
01.Nov.21 4:52 PM | 178

Bitcoin rate may go up to the new heights because whales don't sell yet

EU comes up with regulation of IoT
30.Oct.21 11:21 AM | 211

European Commission plans to implement protection of IoT devices into law

Will Twitter for Android also get support for bitcoin and NFTS?
26.Oct.21 1:03 PM | 156

Hidden features will eventually make crypto acceptance wider

What is happening with Bitcoin and what are expert opinions and predictions?
20.Oct.21 8:02 AM | 192

Bitcoin price prediction remains bullish

Altcoins price prediction and portfolio case study
18.Oct.21 2:13 PM | 189

With bitcoin seems to be at the very start of the new rally, what alts are a good mid-term choice?

Google comes up with counter-claim against Epic Games
12.Oct.21 9:00 AM | 212

The software giant sues Epic for 'lost revenue' which seems to be ridiculous

Bitcoin ATMs are dangerously insecure, Kraken Security reports
01.Oct.21 8:51 AM | 257

The cure must be implemented both in hardware and software

Switzerland approves for the first time a bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment fund
30.Sep.21 2:03 PM | 271

The fund is for qualified investors only though

Chinese companies sue Amazon to get their account unlocked
30.Sep.21 12:35 PM | 191

At least two companies violated the rules - now they try to get their earnings back

Amazon comes with a wheeled robot for home use
29.Sep.21 7:58 AM | 210

And it has an ubiquitous silly emotion screen to make you sick

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