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Kenes Rakishev promotes modern skills with robotics classes

School #174 receives a much needed donation: Kenes Rakishev grants a complete robotics class to the ...

Blockchain business news

Kenges Rakishev sees great future in Tayyab lending platform
23.Nov.21 4:12 PM | 76

Islamic financing enters digital age as Kenes Rakishev joins the growing foundation

Why 5 December is an important day for Bitcoin and how it will affect Bitcoin price prediction
15.Nov.21 11:51 AM | 149

Major expectations are a good driver until the underlying hopes are busted

More power and less miners: that's not what decentralization looks like
11.Nov.21 3:55 PM | 121

Miners earn less and less bitcoin, but computing power continues to grow

Blue Origin lost lawsuit over moon landing contract for NASA
05.Nov.21 9:03 AM | 134

Jeff Bezos aerospace company has lost the lawsuit over NASA's lunar landing with SpaceX

Kraken report is positive for mid-term Bitcoin price prediction
01.Nov.21 4:52 PM | 132

Bitcoin rate may go up to the new heights because whales don't sell yet

EU comes up with regulation of IoT
30.Oct.21 11:21 AM | 167

European Commission plans to implement protection of IoT devices into law

Will Twitter for Android also get support for bitcoin and NFTS?
26.Oct.21 1:03 PM | 109

Hidden features will eventually make crypto acceptance wider

What is happening with Bitcoin and what are expert opinions and predictions?
20.Oct.21 8:02 AM | 150

Bitcoin price prediction remains bullish

Altcoins price prediction and portfolio case study
18.Oct.21 2:13 PM | 141

With bitcoin seems to be at the very start of the new rally, what alts are a good mid-term choice?

Google comes up with counter-claim against Epic Games
12.Oct.21 9:00 AM | 167

The software giant sues Epic for 'lost revenue' which seems to be ridiculous

Bitcoin ATMs are dangerously insecure, Kraken Security reports
01.Oct.21 8:51 AM | 197

The cure must be implemented both in hardware and software

Switzerland approves for the first time a bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment fund
30.Sep.21 2:03 PM | 224

The fund is for qualified investors only though

Chinese companies sue Amazon to get their account unlocked
30.Sep.21 12:35 PM | 148

At least two companies violated the rules - now they try to get their earnings back

Amazon comes with a wheeled robot for home use
29.Sep.21 7:58 AM | 162

And it has an ubiquitous silly emotion screen to make you sick

Chinese central bank statement on crypto may present opportunity for US
26.Sep.21 7:17 AM | 133

Senator Patrick Joseph Toomey Jr. sees opportunities in PRC decisions

Kenes Rakishev Fincraft Group's ratings get an upgrade
18.Sep.21 3:37 PM | 213

S&P acknowledges regional political stability and discipline, assigns higher ratings to Kenes Rakishev's main investment company

China prohibits blocking the links to competitor sites
14.Sep.21 10:53 AM | 189

Wild East comes to an end thanks to regulator actions

Developing countries will follow El Salvador example
13.Sep.21 6:36 AM | 181

Bitcoin adoption will begin in less developed countries and conquer the World, Grayscale SEO considers

The price of Kenes Rakishev's Oxus company amounted $150 million as it enters NASDAQ
11.Sep.21 8:35 AM | 540

OXUS SPAC will accumulate green energy companies

MasterCard will invest in crypto industry
10.Sep.21 6:07 AM | 145

But not for the reasons you may guess

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