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Unilever quits Facebook advertisement boycott

It's time to move on, the corporation considers

Blockchain business news

Fincraft Group got a new president - Kenes Rakishev
04.Mar.21 2:01 PM | 29

Kenes Rakishev initiated the big changes in the company

Jack Ma is no longer the richest Chinese in the World
02.Mar.21 12:44 PM | 70

It has has something to do with Jack Ma's disappearance and the failed IPO

BitPay fined for $500K for transactions with Iran and Cuba
26.Feb.21 4:11 PM | 112

Low fines caused more enthusiasm than harm

COVID-19 reporting app is now compatible with older iPhones
25.Feb.21 10:01 AM | 161

iPhones dated back to 2013 are now able to perform proximity checks

Sergey Tokarev: STEM is FEM to tell through art about the contribution of Ukrainian women to world science
25.Feb.21 9:05 AM | 152

In Ukraine, there has started a large-scale art project SHE is SCIENCE aimed to spread information about the contribution of female scientists

Bitcoin is back over 50K, the sentiment is high
24.Feb.21 9:02 AM | 128

Bitcoin survives a minor dent and is ready for revenge

Joe Biden marks COVID-19 500,000 death toll
23.Feb.21 11:13 AM | 88

20th century US wars killed less than COVID-19

You can rent a plane for crypto - officially
22.Feb.21 2:37 PM | 74

Crypto are approved as a mean of payment for TAF

Kenes Rakishev and his current portfolio of high-tech and fintech investments
18.Feb.21 1:07 PM | 163

By investing in very diverse assets and startups Kenes Rakishev solved a wealth sustainability problem

Australian government sees no progress in sight with tech giants battle
01.Feb.21 12:30 PM | 286

Facebook and Google do not want to share revenue with the publishers

Kenes Rakishev: S&P upgrades Fincraft Group's rating
26.Jan.21 1:06 PM | 324

Analysts underline Fincraft's efforts to lower the debt burden

BTC rate jumps over 34000
03.Jan.21 10:06 AM | 799

It is virtually unstoppable

Kenes Rakishev stands his ground, adds 300 million to the assets
21.Dec.20 11:57 AM | 668

Kenes Rakishev stands firm in the pandemic year

Unilever quits Facebook advertisement boycott
18.Dec.20 10:56 AM | 988

It's time to move on, the corporation considers

Cryptocurrency: Proper Storage and Use
14.Dec.20 10:03 AM | 668

How to own and use cryptocurrency

Louis Camilleri steps down from Ferrari and Philip Morris, the reasons are unknown
11.Dec.20 11:45 AM | 340

Unspecified personal reasons are cited as the reason for resignation

Adidas is happy to get rid of Reebok brand
09.Nov.20 11:25 AM | 793

Reebok seems to be in talks with the new potential owners

New round of import duties imposed by the EU
09.Nov.20 10:49 AM | 526

New tariffs imposed

Apple cut ties with Pegatron
09.Nov.20 8:26 AM | 751

Apple pretends to care about working conditions

Uber and Lyft won the California
04.Nov.20 1:10 PM | 534

Major victory for platform economy: California votes 'yes'

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