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Brazil lifts the ban on Telegram

Durov will in exchange monitor 'fake news' and comply to the state orders

21.Mar.22 9:42 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Brazil lifts the ban on Telegram
Brazil's highest court has lifted the ban on Telegram after two days. According to the judge, the platform is doing enough to counter disinformation and fake news, writes The New York Times on Sunday.

The messaging service was banned by the Brazilian Supreme Court on Friday. A judge decided on the blockade, because Telegram refused to delete messages that, in his eyes, contained disinformation.

However, Telegram stated to The Verge that it had missed the Supreme Court emails. The messaging service has a special email address for removal requests, but the Supreme Court mistakenly sent its mails to the general address.

The social media company promises to actively monitor the hundred most popular Telegram channels in Brazil in the run-up to the October presidential election. Also, it is going to" promote verified information " and mark posts with dubious information.

At the time of the ban, Telegram was simply available in the South American country. The five largest Brazilian providers were given five days to comply with the ban.

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