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Starbucks is not accepting Bitcoin, but builds an exchange

It will generally allow the crushed and boiled crypto investments to be converted to the crushed an...

World News

Metabase Blockchain Protocol Analysis
02.Sep.18 9:51 PM | 286

The same could be used for building, monetizing and scaling businesses that are high tech and belong to the next generation.

Russians to develop Bitcoin tracking tool for the state agencies
30.Aug.18 6:46 AM | 203

It was demonstrated several times that the BTC blockchain is vulnerable to deep analysis.

State Cryptos are pioneered by struggling states, inevitably to be accepted by mainstream
27.Aug.18 11:46 AM | 230

If there will be success it will be copied multiple times and eventually will lead to the whole new monetary politics.

Users lose interest in bitcoin
23.Aug.18 6:06 AM | 373

According to experts, it was the fall in interest of American traders that forced Coinbase to buy a decentralized exchange Paradex.

You wouldn't believe: PLA is 'likely training for strikes'
17.Aug.18 3:18 PM | 208

I am here to tell you a secret: army is actually invented to go to war. In case of war, of course.

Rogers: 90% of Altcoins Doomed
16.Aug.18 7:36 AM | 196

Most of the digital money will not survive the correction.

Starbucks is not accepting Bitcoin, but builds an exchange
06.Aug.18 7:11 AM | 328

It will generally allow the crushed and boiled crypto investments to be converted to the crushed and boiled coffee beans.

Man has trained alcohol-tolerant bacteria
03.Aug.18 10:22 AM | 204

It has taken only five years for bacteria to improve their resistance towards alcohol tenfold.

Google bows to mighty China
02.Aug.18 7:26 AM | 218

The Corporation puts off the rhetoric and gets involved in the project «Dragonfly» which is a sort of Google services tailored up to the Chinese regulators demands.

The Real Reason behing the Crypto mining app ban on Google Play
29.Jul.18 7:15 PM | 251

Trust me, they have their own lingo for every glitch.

Crypto supported by the prospects of the Yuan devaluation
20.Jul.18 9:44 AM | 214

PRC government is not intruding as devaluing of the Chinese currency is to some extent in a favor of the country's huge export industry.

Israel to launch a mission spacecraft to the Moon
11.Jul.18 10:27 AM | 258

Would SpaceIL mission will be successful Israel, in some way, will became the fourth nation to ever land on the Moon.

No signs of the end of the heatwave in England
06.Jul.18 8:56 AM | 265

Most of the England will not receive a significant amount of precipitation during the next ten days.

Chairman of SBI Holdings: Ripple is the next global standard for cryptocurrency
01.Jul.18 9:22 PM | 303

He said this during a major conference in Japan.

The CTR was recognized as a security
28.Jun.18 9:39 PM | 177

The precedent is single.

In China, can lift the ban on ICO
28.Jun.18 9:35 PM | 273

But we need a regulatory framework.

More than 70% of the tokens were not placed on the crypto-exchange markets
28.Jun.18 9:24 PM | 168

And they may not appear.

Developers of commercial IT-solutions put on the blockсhain
28.Jun.18 2:33 AM | 123

70% of leading technology companies prepare pilot projects in this sphere.

Malta considers three drafts on cryptocurrencies
28.Jun.18 2:18 AM | 145

The parliament of the island state is currently reviewing three draft laws on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Hackers scare the return of "WannaCry" and extort the cryptocurrency
26.Jun.18 10:05 PM | 186

However, the British police warn that this is a scam and should not give way to panic.

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