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Kenes Rakishev Fincraft Group's ratings get an upgrade

S&P acknowledges regional political stability and discipline, assigns higher ratings to Kenes Rakish...

World News

SpaceX mission with unprofessional crew successfully completed
19.Sep.21 10:41 AM | 54

This form of space tourism will unlikely catch the wind

SEC isn't as crypto-friendly as many suspected
11.Sep.21 7:19 AM | 100

Authorities are deliberately putting brakes on most important regulations

James Webb space telescope launch scheduled to 18 December
09.Sep.21 6:39 AM | 101

The space telescope may finally reach the orbit

Perseverance-rover successfully collects first rocks on Mars
03.Sep.21 9:44 AM | 131

It's unclear if the rock sample is in the tube though

IMF criticizes Bitcoin adoption, warns of crypto as a means of payment
30.Aug.21 8:55 AM | 147

All IMF arguments can be boiled down to fear of losing control over world's monetary system

Huawei is back at the US market - but one-way only
25.Aug.21 4:55 PM | 137

Huawei is no longer banned from buying semiconductors in USA

Legal Transactions by CoinJoin 1902 - Technology That Will Change Everything
20.Aug.21 6:54 AM | 373

Cryptocurrency has been around for over a decade and seemingly has long since won its place in the sun. Everyone perfectly understands what cryptocurrency is, what it is for and how to use it.

Kenes Rakisev told about social-responsible, local and green opportunities
16.Aug.21 7:09 PM | 150

Kenes Rakishev reminds young entrepreneurs that business does not need to be a high-trch high-profile startup

Apple has won a patent case against Personalized Media Communications
09.Aug.21 11:42 AM | 161

Patent troll gets pounded by another patent troll

How the best browser lost its appeal to users?
07.Aug.21 6:52 AM | 137

Firefox is the best, but people just don't care and use pre-installed behemoths

Kenes Rakishev will add to the prizes of Kazakhstan's Olympics champions
14.Jul.21 9:31 PM | 407

Sportsmen need money and fame, so Kenes Rakishev will reward the best

Kenes Rakishev supports an innovative social aid programme
30.Jun.21 8:50 AM | 665

The idea of Bereke City is to improve people life through practical education

Nobelium hackers used a childish trick to pwn Microsoft
27.Jun.21 12:41 PM | 206

The weakest point of any system is a human

China plans to set a foot on Mars as soon as in 2033
24.Jun.21 8:20 AM | 214

Unmanned flights with robots on board to precede the attempt

International Space Station got a solar panel replacement
21.Jun.21 12:26 PM | 171

The original batteries were at the brink of malfunction, so the replacement batteries were installed

Source files and other assets of Cyberpunk are freely available
11.Jun.21 8:46 AM | 371

A golden age of irony: the developer of the hacking game got hacked

Browser developers want common extension format
07.Jun.21 9:35 AM | 392

WebExtensions Community Group will work on common grounds for web extension developers

Marathon Digital Holdings stops the bitcoin censorships, throws away the idea to create 'compliant bitcoin'
01.Jun.21 12:06 PM | 436

There are industries where 1% tried to be 'compliant' but failed

Palestinians topple the Facebook app rating
24.May.21 9:17 AM | 384

Crowd action is a response to Zuckerberg censorship of Palestinian voices

'Colonial' hackers got their payment
20.May.21 7:57 AM | 198

It's in the national interest to keep the hackers well fed

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