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Kenes Rakishev promotes modern skills with robotics classes

School #174 receives a much needed donation: Kenes Rakishev grants a complete robotics class to the ...

World News

IKEA was targeted by sophisticated ransomware attack
29.Nov.21 10:39 AM | 56

It came through seemingly legitimate emails

Shares soar while Kenes Rakishev keeps silence about true OXUS targets
20.Nov.21 11:11 AM | 440

There are speculations that OXUS will acquire StoreDot to make the innovative company public

Eurocracy destroys internal documents to cover up any irregularities
13.Nov.21 10:08 AM | 97

Unelected body in command of EU keeps most documents for six months only

New mayor of New York city gets first three months bitcoin salary
05.Nov.21 9:23 AM | 147

Eric Adams pledges to make NY the most crypto-friendly city in US

ByteDance CFO steps down to focus on TikTok
02.Nov.21 10:17 AM | 127

Shou Zi Chew remains CEO of Chinese video app wonder

NASA SLS mission postponed to Q1 2022
23.Oct.21 1:20 PM | 313

SLS will be launched in February or March 2022

ETFs are almost there: here are the implications
17.Oct.21 7:22 AM | 165

It's widely believed that BTC-based ETFs will get a green light from SEC, but what it really means?

Competitors ask to investigate Microsoft Team bundling
11.Oct.21 10:54 AM | 154

Slack and Zoom are likely loosing money solely because of Team being part of the Office suite, not because of quality of the competitor software

Frances Haugen's recent leaks are just a beginning, her lawyer says
07.Oct.21 7:36 AM | 171

It looks that dark days are ahead for Facebook, but in the end money always wins

Molnupiravir is a welcome addition but some limitations do exist
05.Oct.21 7:14 AM | 168

Merck comes with a drug that may lower casualties and hospitalisations

2910 public Lightning network nodes are online
30.Sep.21 1:55 PM | 173

Original slow and power-hungry transactions fixed by Lightning Network

Aselle Tasmagambetova and Kenes Rakishev built a truly unique LEEDv4 school
23.Sep.21 2:30 PM | 167

Shokan Ualikhanpv school in Almata is the single "The Leadership in Energy&Environmental Design" certified school in CIS

SpaceX mission with unprofessional crew successfully completed
19.Sep.21 10:41 AM | 165

This form of space tourism will unlikely catch the wind

SEC isn't as crypto-friendly as many suspected
11.Sep.21 7:19 AM | 206

Authorities are deliberately putting brakes on most important regulations

James Webb space telescope launch scheduled to 18 December
09.Sep.21 6:39 AM | 181

The space telescope may finally reach the orbit

Perseverance-rover successfully collects first rocks on Mars
03.Sep.21 9:44 AM | 212

It's unclear if the rock sample is in the tube though

IMF criticizes Bitcoin adoption, warns of crypto as a means of payment
30.Aug.21 8:55 AM | 203

All IMF arguments can be boiled down to fear of losing control over world's monetary system

Huawei is back at the US market - but one-way only
25.Aug.21 4:55 PM | 179

Huawei is no longer banned from buying semiconductors in USA

Legal Transactions by CoinJoin 1902 - Technology That Will Change Everything
20.Aug.21 6:54 AM | 681

Cryptocurrency has been around for over a decade and seemingly has long since won its place in the sun. Everyone perfectly understands what cryptocurrency is, what it is for and how to use it.

Kenes Rakisev told about social-responsible, local and green opportunities
16.Aug.21 7:09 PM | 206

Kenes Rakishev reminds young entrepreneurs that business does not need to be a high-trch high-profile startup

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