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Baidu got permit on AI taxi use in two locations

China is one step ahead with the AI taxis

08.Aug.22 7:47 AM
By Abigail Richards
Photo Baidu


Baidu got permit on AI taxi use in two locations
The Chinese search engine Baidu has obtained permits on Monday to allow robot taxis to take to the road in two locations. There is no need for a human driver in the car.

The taxis will be allowed on the road without a driver from Monday in the Chinese city of Wuhan and the province of Chongqing. It is the first time that this type of permit has been issued in the country.

Baidu called the distribution of the licenses a "turning point" in Chinese policy-making in the field of autonomous driving. "These permits are of great significance to the industry," Baidu's Wei Dong told Reuters.

The company will initially deploy five robot taxis per location. The cars are only allowed to drive during the day and must remain in pre-established zones.

Baidu is also in talks with local governments in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The company hopes to get permits within a year to allow fully self-driving robot taxis to go on the road there as well.

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